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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Why is there something rather than nothing? H01

Why is there something rather than nothing? Around the world, this bizarre question is interpreted diversely. Individuals practice varying religions, giving a means to our lives on Earth, while others hypothesize that our planet- along with the entire universe- popped into existence from nothing. There are innumerable cultures across the globe; if someone in the United States right now, participating in Christianity in his or her denomination, was instead born in India, would that individual affiliate himself or herself with Hinduism? What if he or she was raised within a community in China that strongly associated themselves with Buddhism? What if he or she grew up in Turkey where the majority of its citizens are Muslim? ... And so on- these are just a couple of mainstream examples. The individual would likely conform to the faith of his or her culture; a person is not delivered into this world with a particular culture; culture is learned. Consequently, another question is raised: of the vastly practiced religions, which one is above all else and true (or none of the above)?

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