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Thursday, September 8, 2016

What is Justice? (H1)

Say you have three young boys, one tall, one average, and one short, who want to go to a baseball game, but they do not have the money for tickets. So, they each bring a box to stand on in order to look over the fence so they can see the game. In order to be “fair” they divvy up the boxes equally, each boy gets one box. Because of this, the tall boy can see clearly over the fence, the average boy can barely see the game at all, and the short boy is not able to see anything. Now, it is not the taller boys’ fault that they can see over the fence, and it is not their fault that the shorter boy cannot see any more than it is his own, and as such, would it be just that the tallest boy give up his box so the shortest boy can see the game as well? If one was to define justice as simply equality, the answer would be no. However, justice is not simply equality. Justice is the sacrifice of those who can afford it for the sake of those who cannot. To be just is to see through the eyes of the people around you, and if they need what you can provide do what you can to help them. This is just one example of justice, and my definition of it, most of the time it is not nearly as simple as deciding over who gets how many boxes.  

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