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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Time Goes By


I believe that the pace of life is too accelerated, but it is nearly impossible for one to slow down until the middle age years. Teens and young adults, who should be cherishing their youth, are pressured into setting their life up. Life itself is rushed, we hurry to complete all our schooling and set up our careers often before we are even 30. Once in that career, we are rushed to climb the ladder and become successful. Most of the time once success is reached, your youth and luster is gone and you spend your remaining days simply admiring the empire they have worked so hard to reach, rather than enjoy it. Slowing down is impossible, as once you slow down you lose all your opportunities you had before. For example, many who take gap years before college have to face immense debt, as they are not offered the same scholarships as people who transition straight to college. Taking time to travel or explore often leads employers to think that they are unreliable or too much of a free spirit. For our lives to become slower and more enjoyable, we must call for an entire societal change. I believe that time is only going to go faster and faster as the years come and we evolve further. I don't believe we will ever slow back down into the atmosphere we once had.

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