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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Summation of a Topic- Plato's Color Coding H2

The great philosopher Plato had a system of leveling humans by color. Gold was for Guardians, Silver was for Soldiers, and Bronze was for Merchants and other types of shop owners. He believed that all people were predestined to a color when born. In my opinion this is total malarkey. Predestination throughout history has always ended in disaster somehow or another. I feel that if we were all predestined to a single fate, such as going to heaven or hell, that nobody would really try or even have to care. I personally would not care what I did if I was doomed to one fate.
In some circumstances, Plato said that people could, "move up a level," but it was injustice for a Silver citizen to outsmart a Guardian. Sounds to me like Plato can't handle criticism or the possibility of someone being smarter than him. He has a hypocritical tendency to judge others based on their appearances, but he walked around dressed like a hobo. Although Plato is brilliant I feel that he should not be allowed to pass judgement on anyone. I would have immediately dubbed him Bronze if I had seen him on the street. It is my belief that anyone can be capable of doing something great with their lives if they have the passion behind it. Even though Plato looked like a hobo he was passionate about his work and that is what set him apart from being Bronze to being Gold: however, that's not to say that a person stuck in a bread-making shop is of small intelligence and does not have a drive to learn and create. People should not be leveled, in my opinion, because there are ways to be more than one of three levels. People are all unique and lumping them into a category at birth should be considered an injustice instead.

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  1. While i agree with you in your position on predestination, I believe that there also has to be those base classes. In every society, there are always a high class, middle class, and low class. Throughout history, this class system seems to be the basic makeup of society. In modern times though, I believe it is easier to change our classes and that anyone can be a part of any class they wish to be.