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Monday, September 5, 2016

Striving for the unity of the minds H1

The unity of knowledge. The Ionian Enchantment is considered a set of rules, but can also be  the belief in the unity of the Scientists, but what if we took it a step further and made it the unity of all minds not only in the Science field. Scientists, Philosophers, Singers, Artists, Politicians, Writers, and Business Executives all have their own goals and are specifically trained to do one thing. Granted there are exceptions but for the most part we in this country create specialists. People who are trained to perform in a field better than your average person. In four years i plan to graduate with a degree in Music, with that degree I'm not going to go looking for a job as a physicist, im going to look for a job in the field i specialized in. That's all well and good but imagine the possibilities for the infusion of specialties and the combination of minds. There would be unlimited possibilities for ideas, theories, and creations. Nothing would be off the table in a world where scientists can work with philosophers to test theories and make ideas reality. Were politicians can set aside ideals and unite under a common goal. A world where everyone's specialty will not be looked down on by another, not be considered impractical and useless. With the Ionian unified world ideas can be checked, and made better by a different set of eyes from a different school of thought. With this we can make the world a more creative place, and if we can set aside differences and the confinements of specialties we will be able to shoot for the stars.

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  1. This really is a lovely thought,but unfortunately, a thing that I believe will remain forever in our past. Gone are the days where one with a mild interest in, let's say, the sciences, could grasp all the major concepts and carry on an intelligent conversation with a scientist. Now that cutting edge science mainly consists of the microscopic, celestial, and chemical realms, it would take one years of more than casual study to become adept at the concepts. That's why we have to specialize these days: life is relatively short and we only have time to absorb a limited scope of knowledge.