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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Stephen Hawking and Our Insignificance (H1)

In Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot talk, he mentions our insignificance in the universe, how we are a small pixel on a much grander picture than we could ever imagine. Despite our insignificance in this universe, we are still the only existence we know of, and we therefore have a responsibility to said existence, no matter how small. I would argue against this, him saying we are nothing but a small pale blue dot and that we are insignificant.
Stephen Hawking and other researchers have come out with the theory that we are, in fact, the center of the universe. We are not insignificant at all, we are what everything moves around, where everything originated from,
Stephen Hawking's theory works with the evidence of the universe's constant expansion. Since the big bang in which everything was created, every object in the universe has moved in a pattern away from the origin point of the big bang as the universe expanded. When you take pictures of the placement of various objects in the universe and compare them to their placement now, you see that from whatever point on the original picture you choose as the center, the objects move away from that point uniformly. This effectively means that whatever point you choose to designate as the center of the universe, you will see the objects moving away from that point.  This means that the center of the universe is wherever you choose. You yourself are the center of the universe if you choose to be.
This theory gives each of us a much larger significance than Carl Sagan would like to designate to us.

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