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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Speed of Walking

In the Philosophy of Walking, speed is explained as to effecting time while walking. I agree in how that when we increase our speed in walking that while it might gain us some time in the sense of hours in a day, but we lose time because by accelerating and running instead of walking, time seems to speed up. What seems like 5 minutes actually becomes 10 while walking at a faster pace or running. While walking, that 5 minutes can stretch out and seem to feel like 10 or more minutes, thus hypothetically giving us more time.

Not only does walking at a slower pace save us time, it also gives us much more time to ponder questions we have. Slow walking is the best kind of walking for a peripatetic because when peripatetics walk, they philosophize, and the more time to philosophize, the better. If a peripatetic was to instead jog or run, they would be accelerating time, thus giving them less time to ponder over any questions they have. The speed of walking would also result in them having to devote more of their attention to where they are placing their feet, the slope at which they're running, and the constant exertion of their body. This results in less attention to philosophizes which means that they are less thorough when philosophizing, creating holes and not explaining things that they normally would be able to. For these reasons, we should always try to walk slower instead of increasing our pace for we will gain time and hopefully shed some light on questions we have had that we could not answer when rushing around.

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