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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Pale Blue Dot

       Until this class I had never heard of the Pale Blue Dot before. However, the more I think about it, the more it intrigues me. The message that seems to be taken is that everything that has, is, and will happen on Earth is unimportant. What I took from the video link was that Sagan is trying to use this to stop fighting. I do not think he is trying to tell everyone that they do not matter at all. I think he was trying to make humankind “wake up” and realize that they were headed down a dangerous path of fighting and bloodshed. We are not important enough to focus all of our attention on killing each other. We need to focus on bettering ourselves and possibly even discovering more about the vast universe that we only are a Pale Blue Dot in. I think this concept could be utilized to make people feel small and completely unimportant, but that is not the message the video gave me. I am not religious so I do not feel as though there is a God that gives me importance. However, I have seen many great things that have been done on this earth and if everyone was and felt as though they were unimportant, then none of those things would have been accomplished. Even though the concept of the Pale Blue Dot could be used to make everyone feel minuscule, I do not think it should be.

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