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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Is "nothing" still "something?"


I’d like to the elaborate on the additional quiz question - why is there “something rather than nothing?” This is one of those impossible questions that I could spend hours thinking/talking about. Why do we exist? Why is any of this here? The whole idea of “nothing” can’t really exist, because “nothing” is still “something.” Are we just part of a never-ending cycle of the universe’s life and death? What was here before the universe was created? These are thoughts that many people like to disregard, because the truth is that nobody has the answers.

         This reality can be incredibly depressing. If the fact that we are here is merely a product of the universe existing and being “something,” do we as humans have any real purpose? Do I matter? Will anything I do in my lifetime actually make a difference? Additionally, if we’ve established that there’s no such thing as “nothing,” then are we saying there has to be an afterlife? I like to maintain a relatively positive outlook on the origin and meaning of life. I’ve never been particularly religious, but I do feel that we are here for a purpose. Whether that purpose is restricted to the impact we make on Earth, I’m not sure. As for an afterlife, I find it hard to believe that our souls will ever be “nothing.” I like to adhere to Einstein’s theory that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.

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