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Wednesday, September 14, 2016



“What gives you your greatest peace of mind?” When I read this discussion question, I had to sit and truly ponder what exactly I was being asked. Quite honestly, I had to go look up the definition of what “peace of mind” really is. That just goes to show how far and long my mind has been away from “peace”. All the definitions I came across mentioned something about the absence of mental stress/mental anxiety or a state of tranquility.  In the life of a hustling and bustling college student, it’s really hard to truly have peace of mind. There is always an assignment due. There is always something that needs to be paid for. There is always a test coming up. There is always something that keeps your mind far from achieving an equilibrium of peace and tranquility. So, if I had to choose an instance that gives me my greatest peace of mind, it would be when I have nothing on my mind. The rare moments when my thoughts are at ease, and I have no stress are when I have a peace of mind.

The style of living I intend to pursue would probably be a combination of an extravagant yet simple one. A contradiction, yes I know, but starbursts are “solid yet juicy” so why can’t I live an extravagant yet simple life? I plan on being a Sports Orthopedic doctor so I will be reaping the benefits of a very profitable career. I definitely want to spend money and live comfortably, just without over doing it.

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