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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

H1- This I Believe. Death.


The essay's theme I chose to read and write on is death. The writer depicts death as an end of life but not of existence. The ongoing spiral of silence in space and time are forever  the only things audible in his eyes. Music we compose adds to the vastness of its continuum. The essay ends on the note that "everything changes, but nothing is truly lost." In my understanding of time it is that the past, present, and future all are simultaneously happening. The past as we normally refer to it as is not behind us but still with us. The idea is abstract in a sense but is how I've come to understand time. The future acts in the same way. Rather than putting one behind us or ahead of us think of all three continuing all at the same time. When we look into the night sky and see the brightness of stars we are seeing their past but experiencing them in the present. The delay in "time" is due to the distance between us and the light. In regards to the quote I agree that everything undergoes change but that change does not mean that the “previous” form is lost, for it still continues to exist. It continues to construct time along with its “new” version of its former self.

"Don't forget to sing."

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