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Thursday, September 8, 2016

(H1) Essay of the End

It is often stated that death is the end to a natural, biological life but not an end to a person's soul or existence. Whether that be supernatural or in the conscious of those they knew or in the history books. If one passes on past the extend of the life of their "earthly" bodies, they exist in the form of thought. They exist because they exist in the minds of those they encountered and effected throughout life, perhaps even having similarities with an entity of belief or idea. With this belief, and those offered by religions, it is clear that one does not truelove cease to exist. Just as Socrates stated that none should fear death, it would be logical to believe that if this were true there was to be no fear of death. If someone lived a perfect live- or merely a decently character, which featured little to no offense to their believes or to tarnish their soul with the weights of sin or karma, then they should expect one of two outcomes. Whether they be greeted with a long sleep of nothingness which would offer no existence and be naturally neutral, or to be rewarded with their believes with an eternal soul, or a new life, or changing in worlds to continue on their soul' existence. So perhaps it is so that death is not the eternal end, or the final rest. And if it is, then it is nothing to fear, only to understand and accept. 

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