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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Are We Prisoners?

I feel like our world could be like a cave. What if we only see what they want us to see? What we see may not be real, it could just be the shadows and not real reality, and we would never know unless we search for more. What if everything we see in the media and hear on the news was censored and we don’t really know what’s going on? What if everything we’ve ever been told is a lie? Why is it that when people ask these kind of questions they are deemed crazy by the majority of society, including those who live their life to question everything? Why is it when you question what society deems the norm it takes a turn for the worse? What is it about society that we find so hard to contradict? Have we been, as a nation, or even greater, we as human beings, all of us, been tricked into believing that what we see is true? Have they really told us the truth or have they lied to us our entire life? Is science even real? Can any of us actually prove anything that scientist have said they have found or discovered? How do we know it’s not all a big lie? How do we know it’s not just a way to control us? I guess we have two options: search for the truth or accept the cave of unanswered questions we are in.

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  1. does it really matter if everything is "real" or "true" though? Why not live every day of your life in happiness knowing that you are alive, and you are well. We hold up societal constructs to maintain this illusion of progress, but in the end what does it matter what was real or true? Truth is what you make of it, and reality is seeing and believing. If i pointed at a tree and asked what it was, no one would say "a figment of your imagination that the government has tricked you into believing is so". A tree is a tree, and i believe trees are real.