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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

EXAM 1 UPDATED - even questions

HP Intro

2. What originally unpolitical Greek school of philosophy prepared the way for Christianity?

4. Whose fundamental certainty of his own existence led to "insanity" and a loss of common sense in philosophy?

Quiz Aug29/30
Peripatetic philosophy (and space-faring, and belief-sharing). PW1-2; Gymnasiums of the Mind 

2. What does Gros say we escape from, by walking?

4. In Hindu philosophy, what are the four stages on the journey through life?

6. Who said he could only meditate when walking?

8. How much does the average American walk?

Quiz W31/Th1
Socrates/Plato, HP 82-107; PG Prologue

2. Why did Socrates say fear of death is not wisdom?

4. Wisdom consists in what, for Plato (acc'ing to Russell)?

6. What "singularity" created the conditions for philosophy in ancient Greece?

8. What did Plato insist on, rather than final answers?

Quiz Sep6
PG 17-37

2. Who said some scientists can't see the philosophical forest for the trees, and are thus trapped in generational prejudice?

4. Who is the physicist who inadequately addressed the question of nothing?

6. What book did Goldstein read in her first philosophy course?

Quiz Sep7/8
HP 108-132; PW 4-5; [PG 17-37-see Sep6 quiz]

2. What is "justice" for Plato?

4. The prisoners in Plato's cave are like people in our world who lack what, and see only what?


6. How does the meaning of "outside" change on a long walk?

8. What is one of the secrets of walking?

Quiz Sep12/13
Aristotle, HP 159-184 (Ch XIX-XX); PG 38-58

2. Why does Russell call Aristotle's doctrine optimistic and teleological?

4. Aristotle mainly agrees with those who define "virtue" how?


6. "Platonism" is often expressed in what assertion?

8. What kind of piety results from coming to understand our real place in the larger scheme? 

Quiz Sep14/15
Cynics, Skeptics, Epicureans, & Stoics, HP 228-270 (Ch XXVI-XXVIII); PW 15
2. What did Diogenes mean when he said his aim in life was to "deface the coinage"?

4. How did Timon express his scepticism with regard to honey?

6. What was Epicurus' philosophy designed to secure? What did he consider the "wise man's goal"?

8. Which Stoic was a slave? Which an emperor?


10. Why did the homeless Cynic call himself rich?

Quiz Sep19/20
Augustine, Boethius. HP 344-366, 370-373 (in Bk Two, chIV & chV); PW ch7-8.

2. What did Augustine believe about God, during his Manichaean period?

4. What does Russell find odd about Augustine's preoccupations, on the eve of the dark ages?

6. What obsession did Boethius not share with Augustine?


8. What turns everything into nonsenese?

Quiz Sep 21/22
Anselm & Aquinas, HP 417-419, 452-463 (ch IX, XIII); PW ch10

2. What did Anselm consider the relation between reason and faith?

4. Why does Aquinas reject the ontological argument?

6. Why doesn't Russell think Aquinas belongs with "the best philosophers"?

8. What did Emerson say he became while walking, instead of an egotist?

Quiz Sep 26/27
Machiavelli & Hobbes, HP 504-511, 546-557; PW 12, 14

2. What does "success" mean for a ruler, according to Machiavelli? What appearance must he present?

4. What's the difference between religion and superstition, for Hobbes?

6. How is Hobbes superior to earlier political theorists, in Russell's opinion?

8. Why did the Huichol people of Mexico think we have to walk?

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