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Friday, April 29, 2016

What Makes a Person a Philosopher?

Posted for DeAndra Lockett #6
    In order to be a philosopher you must see almost everything as a question. By doing this you will form your philosophy, what will you advocate for. You must know and understand your theory, what do you believe in. You must read and understand what philosophy is. You must know what philosophy is. And read about philosophy, including other people’s philosophy. To be a philosopher you must interact with inner thoughts, what everything mean; what life means, what death means, what it means to be alive. Preach your philosophy to other people and have them question you and everything you say. Ideas you have shall apply to your philosophy. Keep rewriting and adding to your philosophy. Receive feedback from other people and make sure all your ideas are aligned. Become a professional of your philosophy, and preach it to other people. Learn how to pursue and deliver your philosophy to other people, start to form firm believers of your philosophy.

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