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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Quiz April 5

Kant, Bentham (LH);WATCH: Kant's Axe (HI); LISTEN: Adrian Moore on Kant's Metaphysics (PB) - see March 29


  1. Anonymous11:47 AM CDT

    Devin Mahoney (6)

    "Thoughts without concepts are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind." - Immanuel Kant

    Bonus Quiz Question:

    What does Categorical Imperative simply mean (or reaffirm)?

  2. (#6) Caleb, Janeka, Courtney, James, Beshoy

    We discussed helping people in need. Some in our group said that they aren't comfortable helping strangers while others explained how they do help others. Either the pleasure or some kind of personal inclination seems to drive it. One member explained how if no one had helped before him, who would help if he didn't?

  3. (#6) Chad, Sean, Ad'lynn, James

    We discussed the reasoning behind going out of your way to help others. Most of the discussion leaned toward the idea that we would want the help from others, therefore we are inclined to help individuals in need.

  4. Lucas and Spencer (6)

    we talk mostly about happiness and we agree that maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain are the basic requirements of happiness.