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Friday, April 29, 2016

Mason Blackwelder
Dr. Oliver
part two
section 4

Family part two

                          family to some is more important than others. and family isn't always those directly related to you. in the second part of my final blog, ill be talking about the importance and broad aspect of family. family is a big word and has deep meaning to many people. BUT like i said that doesn't mean that they're related to you. i consider my best friend from high school family. he stays in contact with my family and gets presents for Christmas and his birthday. my related family considers him family as well. we don't see each other everyday like we did in high school, but i know i can call him any time, and he would come help. that's what i consider family.

                         earlier i said that some people consider family closer than others, what i mean by that is that just because you're related by blood it doesn't mean you can count on them. don't get me wrong i completely feel like i can call my sister and brother for help and they would come running. but, that's not always the situation. in no way does being related to you, mean you have a responsibility to help your siblings. morally i feel like you should, i mean they are your family, who else can you rely on if not your family?

part 1: http://cophilosophy.blogspot.com/2016/04/family.html#comment-form

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