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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


What really makes you happy? After all the material things that we tend to chase our whole life is brought what are we really going to enjoy? People may answer this by saying a family but I don't think that's still happiness because most of us grew up with only family. When you really think about happiness it has to rely on your inner self. It has to be something that you really enjoy something that helps release anger and makes you smile when no one else is around. Your happiness shouldn't be within someone else because if they leave then all you have is your self.When Epicurus was talking about happiness I thing he was speaking of living a free life without fear of being judge or punished for the things we do to. For example there are many things that takes me into another world like traveling, joking and music.These things are the things I enjoy the most out of life. If any problem occurs in my life I can turn in to these things. Traveling is something I like to do because I get to see a another way somebody else culture and how they live and also survive. Music is already a therapy that connects you with the artist. If you think about it the people we favor so much is not because of how good they job its because we can see ourselves in that person. So the music relate to is because we share the similar struggles or thoughts . The last thing is joking this is something I really enjoy because it can change your whole day or perspective on something. I think I uplift people about situations that they may have had earlier in their life or earlier that day. With these things I can't be down in life it is always something that gives me enjoyment in the life I have. I try to make music and joking apart of my daily routine. Traveling is something I try to make apart of I do every year I'm on earth.  Epicurus reminds me a lot of  a producer named J .Dilla there passion for just ending life on a great note. Epicurus wrote a speech letting people know that he would be dying and that he is still happy even though he is about to die. J. Dillla did the same thing but instead of a beat he produce a mix tape to let people know that he would be dying and there is no help. He also went to his last concert  in a wheelchair with no body movement telling people that he wouldn't miss the concert but died shortly after. Even though I don't have any favorite philosopher Aristotle and Epicurus has made quotes that people should really  think about. Both of these men philosophy on life and how you should live it makes perfect sense. A lot of people don't know what it really means to live a good life and they also don't know what happiness really means.

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  1. "traveling, joking and music" are all great sources of fun for many of us, as are many other things... and there's a definite connection between fun and happiness. Aristotle probably went too far when he said we can't be accounted happy until our lives have ended, but his point that genuine happiness endures and cannot be reduced to a string of fun moments seems right.

    As for family, I've found it to be one of the more enduring sources of fulfillment in my life. Epicurus in his "Garden" would have called his friends his extended family, and in ths larger sense we can all aspire to more than one. Our species is itself a large family, large enough to include a few cousins (etc.) who won't bring us so much joy but many more who will.