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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

good life

I often find my self arguing with people about not settling for things in life don't ever become complacent. Life is about always setting and achieving new goals while living. What those things being done we still don't know what living a good life means. Many people may say that becoming successful and being wealthy is living a good life. As humans we put more effort in to becoming wealthy than any other belief or value that matter. Even though money,cars,shelter,and clothes matter it is more to life than those things. The great poet Aristotle and I share some of the same beliefs when it comes to believing in having or living a good life. Aristotle pose these things as living a good life bodily goods, external goods, and goods of the soul. Bodily goods is the major key to living a better life because if your body is not healthy then nothing else matters. We have to know what is good to in put in our body because our body is like a machine if it doesn't have the right things to run then it will  begin to shut down. It is also good to keep your body intact it may help you live a longer life. Eating healthy and exercising limits many trips to doctors these are steps to taking care of your body. Another thing we need to pay attention to is our dental health this is probably one of the most overlooked thing as humans. Dental hygiene is the number one cause of bad health. The next  thing is external goods this is what most people care about in the world. External goods are things such as   housing, clothes, money, and cars. Even though this not something people should put much value in because it is materialistic many people do. It is understandable though I guess if you work hard for things I think most people would like things to show for what they are working for.  These things can be taken as fast as they are given. Money is something that people believes to solve every problem and changes people lives I guess this is why people put this in perspective in having a good life. It is also the start for the other stuff considered on the list to change and have a better life. Last but not least on the list is goods of soul. This means basically the things you would do after you had fun with the external goods. Like my favorite music mogul Dame dash said ''rich with no fun is not rich.'' What he means by that is if one you acquire wealth what are you going to do with it to have fun.  already wealthy So many times we get caught in having external goods we forget about just having a good time and family. We also have to take care of the people that were around when there was nothing to take from. What is the ultimate goal before we leave earth? Have we made an impact on life and have you fulfill the mission that the higher power put you here for? Ask yourself this while you have time to change

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  1. ''rich with no fun is not rich'' - True! I'd add (thinking of certain candidates for the presidency), "rich with no empathy or compassion is not rich"...

    "have you fulfill the mission that the higher power put you here for?" - You don't have to believe in a Higher Power to ask yourself if you've made a worthy contribution. Someone said we should be ashamed to die, before having done something for humanity.

    Aristotle wasn't really known as much of a poet, btw.