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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Free Will and God Part 2 section 6.

My previous post exploited the views of St.Augustine and different questions raised about free will, however, on this post i will explore my views on Free Will. .I strongly believe that God is something that is divinely embodied in us all, and bring us to being with the purpose to fulfill different experiences. I believe the physical body isn't put here for any specific purpose, just our soul to live earthly experiences. We dont live by rules or guidelines because we are granted free will, the ability to make mistakes and learn from them. These create the experiences we are meant to achieve for the purpose of the soul. Some view free will as an illusion, and believe in predeterminism, however I beg to differ. If everything was predetermined, then life would be purposeless. It can be viewed as a matter of perspective. It's free will from our point of view because we exist in the present, have knowledge of the past, but the future is unknown to us. God is not limited by time. You don't know your own fate...you still have to make the decisions that lead up to your destiny until the end of your life. Each point along your timeline you can make any choice you wish disregarding external circumstances beyond your own control, without knowing the outcome for certain. The evolution of free will began when living things began to make choices. The difference between plants and animals illustrates an important early step. Plants don’t change their location and don’t need brains to help them decide where to go. Animals do. Free will is an advanced form of the simple process of controlling oneself, called agency.But does modern science really prove that we live in a clockwork universe? Some scientists interpret Quantum Physics as showing the exact opposite, that some events at the subatomic level are truly random and undetermined. Particles may even pop into existence for no reason. Others interpret the same fundamental equations differently, supposing that there are hidden variables which do reveal the apparently random to have been determined all along. The first group then accuses the second of groundlessly assuming that "God does not play dice", in Einstein's famous (notorious?) phrase; the implication is that they can't get out of the old, Newtonian way of thinking.

After stating the above, i believe we all have the means of free will. Jumping to a different topic, i have to say my favorite philospher has to be socrates because of his ability to question everything with out second thoughts. He kind of reminds me of myself because whatever comes to my mind im sure to express it. His curiousity with love and deep concern with it also sticks with me as well because to me love is an imporatant aspect of life. Because i feel strongly that God is attached to love and God is love, the experience of love is essential. I ultimately think God presumes every living thing and through that experience, we experience he/she fully.


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