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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Mason Blackwelder
Dr. Oliver
Family and philosophy
The values we have can be directly linked to our roots, and family. When we're young we absorb information like a sponge. Our parents are the first people to make a lasting impact on our lives, and believe it or not they give us our basic core beliefs. From the very beginning we grow up wanting to be like our parents. Subconsciously, we cling to our parents beliefs at a young age. If our parents believe in a certain religion, than we are more likely to adopt that religion for life. If our parents believe we should help the needy, the sick, or the less fortunate, than we're more likely to be humble later in life. It’s not until later in life that we start the development of our own beliefs. Even as we develop our own ideas and beliefs, our parent’s original influence still effects how we mold our own beliefs.
I believe that moral beliefs come directly from childhood and how one is raised. Not only from your parents, but your contact and interactions with family around you as well. Ask yourself this question, if you were raised by a different mother and father in another family would you be the same person you are today? I know I wouldn’t, my parents were open and accepting during my up-bringing I don’t know how different my life would be had my parents been anything less than what they were. What I do know is that I wouldn’t be who I am today.            
               Separated families have a huge impact on a child development as well. If a family separates before the child is born than the effects are less direct, but still very much there. A child needs both parents to fully develop. Having to bounce between homes, always having to pack up their belongings and going between the parents’ homes. That’s not a very stable life style for a child. Can you imagine what kind of psychological effect that might have on a child later in life?

               Lastly, the development of a child inside its family can be influenced by a great number of things. I believe a good family is essential to creating a well-rounded child. Family is the building blocks of a Childs’ mind, and at a young age has a huge impact on what kind of person he or she will become in the future. Bad situations in the household, between parents, or other members of the family can cause the child to grow up creating bad situations or a bad life style around it. Good situations in those previously stated can help to make a child that creates good or positive life styles. 

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  1. "From the very beginning we grow up wanting to be like our parents" - maybe philosophers are different, I recall always respecting my parents but wanting to distinguish myself from them. As a young child I resented people's assumption that, since my Dad was a veterinarian, of course I'd want to be one too. Same story repeated a little later, with respect to politics, religion, and most everything. The respect never ended, but the impulse for self-discovery was as strong.

    You don't really think, do you, that if your parents had been vicious ax-murderers you'd have necessarily followed suit? "Sapere aude" - ?

    But like you, I'm glad and grateful they weren't! And it's definitely true that if you or I had been raised by different people in a different culture, we'd be very different people too. Nurture, as well as nature, is formative.