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Friday, April 29, 2016

Anthony Hutchings
Dr. Oliver
I did my essay on the first discussion question from April Seventh. 
  I believe history is very important to know. Knowing your own history is a luxury that not everyone gets so I believe we should enjoy our memories while we can, and that we should make every attempt to document our history so that we can always look back on our past. Social Medias aid our more tech blessed generation. Social Medias like Facebook and time hop show us things we have done on this day in the past. They show us old pictures, old status updates, and things that we have shared.
            I also believe it is very important that we try and learn the history in at least the nation that we reside. Knowing the nation’s history can shed light on why we went to wars, why we have customs that we do, and why some people act the way they do. Knowing the history of the U.S. will help shed some light on why your grandparents are a bit racist. They most likely grew up in a very bad time. They probably were raised in a time where it was more acceptable to discriminate. They also most likely learned their behaviors, and beliefs from their parents. Knowing this can help you understand that they are not the problem, but the way they were taught is.
            Knowing the customs of other countries besides your own makes you seem like a much better person in my book. To take the time to learn the history of another country, and understanding their culture and beliefs is something that we all should try and practice. Learning and knowing ones past is the only way that we can understand their present.
            I would have to say that I do not believe that history has a spirit. I would have to say that the only thing that has a spirit, and is getting smarter is the human race. I definitely believe that humans have evolved over time. I am not certain if we have evolved from monkeys but I cannot deny the fact of skeletal remains of beings very human like. We have developed more brain power, and an overall better understanding of this existence we call life. History isn’t getting smarter. Humans are the ones that are changing and learning new things.
            I would have to say that history has taught me to always plan for the worst. That way regardless of what happens I will be prepared. I have learned from history to never invade Russia during the winter. That is how you lose wars. History is an excellent insight into how one might react to certain stimuli. If you know your best friend has a severe depression or anxiety; then you might know that they may be prone not being able to function in ways that society consider “normal”.
            I believe those who do not learn from the past will be more inclined to repeat it than those who know of past events. If history shows that it is a bad idea to attack Russia during the middle of the winter, and you decide to attack anyways then you have truly goofed. You should have looked to the past to see where they went wrong, and tried to improve and succeed where they fail.

            Ultimately I believe that knowing as much as you can about the past can help you have a better insight as to what might happen in the future. I don’t believe in destiny. I believe we all have direct influence on our direct lives. 

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