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Friday, April 29, 2016

Akmal Ishmetov
Dr. Oliver
Section 4
Blog #2: Why I Question Everything
            Now days there are several debates, arguments about whether there is God or not and many people ask my opinion on that and it is very hard to respond to that question because I like to question everything and anything. I was raised in the Muslim environment and when I came to United States I have also experienced Christianity. All the things that people talked to me about whether it was in the Musk or Church, people still did not answer my questions so later on in life I started questioning of God existence. For example in the story “There Is No God” by Penn Jillette he stated basic facts like for example how can you prove existence of the God, he states you cannot prove that there is not an elephant inside the trunk of my car. Then he talks about that there is no evidence of God. I am personally look beyond that, I did not think on basic level of whether God exist or not, I was thinking more on why things like rape, murder, child abuse and all other horrible things happen. If there is a God why do things like that happen to people? People say everything that happens, happens for a reason. To be honest, I do not understand that, if there is a person about to get murder in the middle of the street, what exactly the reason of that? If a God is all powerful why can’t he stop rape, child abuse or other hundreds horrible things? One of my teachers that I had in high school just was diagnosed with cancer, the cancer started in lungs and it slowly moved to the spine and now it is in the brain. This teacher has three daughters and a wife who now works two jobs in order to support her kids and pay chemotherapy of her husband. Things like that make me question, if God is so great, why does he put people through things like that? People dying every day in the war, people blowing themselves up in Iraq and Afghanistan and there is nothing that God can do? Things like that make me question of his existence. I really want to find out all the answer and so many people in the world I am sure. That’s my point of view of God existence.

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