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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Akmal Ishmetov
Section 4
Dr. P. Oliver
Be cool to the Pizza Dude by Sarah Adams
This I believe (I)
            Sarah Adams held several jobs in her life such as telemarketer, factory worker, hotel clerk, and flower shop cashier but she never worked as delivery driver. In her story, she stated four principles guide the pizza dude philosophy. The first principle talks about that many delivery drivers most of the time are on hurry because the tip amount is based on how quickly the driver will be able to deliver the food to the customer. So, she stated that people need to understand them and maybe sometimes switch the lane and let them pass you without getting angry. The second principle stated that yes delivery job is not a great job but we all have a first job like that just to get an experience. So, Adams stated that people need to understand and respect those kind of jobs. The third principle stated that delivery job is an honest job and it does not reflect on other people. For example, delivery job does not bring a company to the bankruptcy in which resulting in several thousand lost jobs. And the last fourth principle stated that delivery driver job is a practice in equality, she stated I am equal to everyone else not because of the car I owe or because the amount money I make, I am equal because of the kindness of my heart.
            I really like the story because everything that Adams stated ties up to me. While I was in high school I worked at my parent’s restaurant as a cook, waiter, and dishwasher and lastly I worked as a delivery driver. Throughout four years I learned many lessons. Delivery driver is not an easy job. Every single dollar that delivery drivers make are based on how fast you will be able to deliver a food to the customer because obviously nobody wants to wait for over an hour and eat a cold food. Therefore, delivery drivers are always on hurry and people need to yield them on the roads. Many people do not realize that all delivery drivers take a huge risk delivery food. Many drivers get in the accidents while they are trying delivering the food, moreover drivers spend a lot of money to take care of their vehicle. While most people spend two to three hours driving per day, delivery drivers spend at least seven to eight hours in order to make a living of it. We all know that not all of the people are meant to go to college, therefore we all should appreciate jobs like delivery driver. After being delivery driver for four years I learned how to work hard, I learned how to treat people with respect, I learned how to appreciate every single dollar because when you work hard you learn how to appreciate everything that you earned and lastly it taught me how to treat drivers with respect and tip them well.

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  1. Bottom line: treat everyone you meet with respect for their humanity. Kant's version: treat everyone as an end, not as a means. People who are rude to service workers deserve bad service, but usually get better than they deserve.