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Monday, February 29, 2016

Many people think philosophy is people who lived several ages ago who have came up with many of these great quotes that we have studied. Realistically anyone can be a philosopher it does not take a degree or old age or you to become a philosopher. Philosophy is basically somebody who has been in some position as somebody else and realize some way to fix the situation or make it worse. Most of our favorite rappers or singers can be a philosopher because they have been in the same shoes as ours and has gained knowledge to know what to do in the situation we're in.  My favorite philosopher has to be Nasir Jones aka Nas. Nas is a famous rapper from Queens , New York although he is not my favorite rapper but he has many great quotes and speaks about many situations  of being a young black male  living life in poverty. One of his favorite books to me is his audio books to me is '' Illmatic". In this book Nas speaks about a day and a life in his neck of the woods but also made it relate able to everyone who is in his same situation. One of  my favorite chapters of the book is '' Represent" he walks us through a day of his life. He starts of with painting a vivid picture of how any day can be your last in living in this environment he is living in. Then he begins to tell you what he sees  as son as he walks outside "The corners is the hot spot, full of mad criminals
Who don't care, guzzling beers." He continues with letting you know that if you are not from around there you are not welcome to come around and hang. He also lets us know that the government are trying to stop whats going on by any means necessary and how the streets is full of killing ''The D.A.'s on the roof, trying to, watch us and knock us And killer coppers, even come through in helicopters ." In this song he calls his self a street rebel and tells us ta the facts about god is backwards and how he doesn't believe in god. He starts off his next verse by giving letting you know that he's not your average 9-5 guy he says '' Yo, they call me Nas, I'm not your legal type of fella
Moet drinking, marijuana smoking street dweller Who's always on the corner." My favorite quote out this chapter is when he says "The school drop-out, never liked the shit from day one Cause life ain't shit but stress fake niggas and crab stunts." This quote is so relate able from coming from the way I grew up because this a basic out look on how most people view life. We tend to view life as being hard because we are put in predicaments that we think nobody else is living. Also we think school is a waste of time and we think that its better to result to the streets because going t school won't help us in the long run.  Nas to me is a philosopher that I compare to John locke.

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