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Friday, January 29, 2016

Midterm group reports

It's time to start deciding on a mid-term collaborative report topic and 3-person reporting group. Reports will consist of an in-class presentation of about 10-15 minutes (each of you holding the floor for 3-5 minutes). One of you should sign up as an "Author" on our site to post a short summary of your group's topic and any relevant text/video/graphics you'd like to share.

Around Valentine's Day I'll ask you all to indicate who you're working with and on what, as well as your group's Author.

I'm open to your original topic ideas, but my suggestion if you need one is to select a pre-Descartes philosopher (not necessarily one of those discussed in our Little History... see the Timeline on our site, for other possibilities) and identify three important aspects of his/her life and philosphy, each of you focusing on one.

If you want to report on a theme in pop culture and can promptly find two classmates to join you, using one of those Open Court (etc.) books noted in the right margin, go for it... but hurry and find or order the book without delay. You can use the comments space to solicit interested classmates who might want to join you in reporting on your topic of interest.

When you've identified your collaborators and topic, stake your claim in a comment below. Don't forget to include your section number. We want to avoid redundancy, so make sure you're not claiming a topic that's already been taken by someone else in your section.

These reports, which will be scheduled to begin later in February, are worth up to twenty (20) runs for each of you. Do your best, have fun, learn something, teach us something.



  1. Hello- Im Ashley Lavoie from section four and I was wondering if anyone would like to join me in a project on the philosophies of The Beatles. Using one of the Open Court books, "The Beatles and Philosophy. Nothing You Can Think That Can't Be Thunk." We could discuss three of the philosophical ideas that their songs spring up.

  2. Nick Corley, Chad Andrews, and Sean Byars (Section 6)
    Mid-term group report on the Philosophy of Spongebob

  3. Cassie Franse3:29 PM CST

    If anyone is interested, I'd like to do a midterm project on Lord of the Rings and Philosophy. I'm willing to study a philosopher if need be, but this is my attempt to get a group figured out soon. Section 6

  4. Anonymous10:12 PM CST

    Devin Mahoney (6)
    If anyone would like to join up I am interested in doing the midterm project on Thomas Hobbes. His book "Leviathan" and the concepts within have always intrigued me and I would like to learn more. He is considered to be the most prominent proponent of the "Social Contract" theory. Here is a small example of some concepts that have interested me.
    "... This account of human nature emphasizes out animal nature, leaving each of us to live independently of everyone else, acting only in his or her own self-interest, without regard for others." "The only escape is by entering into contracts with each other - mutually beneficial agreements to surrender our individual interests in order to achieve the advantages of security that only a social existence can provide."

    1. Cassie Franse12:01 PM CST

      I really like that concept and that excerpt. I'll be in your group if you'd like. (6)

    2. I think this is a very interesting topic area. I'm down to be in a group with you. (6)

  5. Adam Martin #4
    If anyone is interested, I would be down to put a group together to discuss Free Will and the different philosophies about it.

    1. Erick Morgado9:34 AM CST

      Erick Morgado and Roland Phan #4

      We have a group of two and we might be interested in doing free will. We have to do a philosopher though. You interested in working on Augustine?

    2. Erick Morgado10:04 AM CST

      Erick Adam and Roland #4

      We will be doing free will for the midterm report.

  6. Sophie Raffo, Emmanuela Okot, and Courtney Manns. We are doing the midterm report over Confucius.

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  8. Stephen Martin, Katharine Khaoone, and Cameron Hix (4)
    We will be doing the midterm report over Marcus Aurelius

  9. Amy Young, Dani Bonner, Ashley Haydon (4)
    We will be doing the midterm report on Pyrrho.