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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

(#12) 1st Installment - Jeri Radford


            My topic is on the hit TV show, Scandal. It is produced by a woman named Shonda Rhimes. This lady has many other popular TV shows including, Grey’s Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder. The production team, Shondaland, records shows upon shows of Scandal that bring about discussion on many mainstream topics in today’s society. I will continue my discussion on Scandal by describing a few episodes and breaking down the meaning behind it. I will explain the message that I think is being brought to the viewers’ attention, and I will show how Shonda Rhimes uses Scandal to voice and address issues in today’s society.
            For those who have never watched an episode of Scandal, I will give you some background information. Olivia Pope, who is the main character, plays a “fixer” in Washington, D.C… Olivia Pope tries to play the “good guy” as much as she can as she wears the “white hat”. She has a few associates, however, they are not really good guys. Olivia and her associates do whatever they can to help their client in his or her situation.

 S4, E14
            On season 4, episode 14, the “Black Lives Matter,” topic comes about and is played out. Olivia Pope takes on a new client, or clients I would say, being the police department of the D.C. area. The story was, a black boy was in the streets, and the cops got a call about a shoplifting. The cop made a call to shoot this black male that fit the description and had the item that was stolen. The black male had reached for something in his pocket and had got shot. This however is the basis of the story. Olivia took this case initially being on the police officers side because they called for her, but later as the episode went on, Olivia started bringing about some truth in what actually happened. Normally Olivia would never switch sides when taking on a client, but in this episode, she realized after some revealed information that she had to do what was right. She couldn’t support the policeman anymore. The truth was, the policeman shot down the young black male, but he was only pulling out a receipt for the item he had in his hand. However, the police placed a knife in the boy’s pocket to have some leeway in the investigation. The police officer was arrested and justice was served.
            In this episode, it showed viewers what actually should happen in situations like this. Justice and the truth should be fought for and found. In the episode, Olivia Pope fought against the police, even when on their side, to withhold any violence as the young black male’s dad presses for the truth. Olivia, the whole time, was pushing for the truth, but eventually she realized, the government wasn’t willing to give up all the evidence. In the end, the episode ended not in the police officer’s favor, he yelled to Olivia, “What the hell is it with you people? Yeah, you people. You people have no idea what loyalty is, what respect is. You’re here because you were supposed to help us and you spend every second of it trying to tear me down and push your own damn agenda.” The episode ended with the offensive police officer being arrested.

            I believe Shonda Rhimes wanted to use this very recent controversial issue in her show, Scandal, to shed some light on how these situations should end up like.

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-MUST WATCH clip of episode. ****

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