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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My idea of the good life

My idea of the good life is being happy with the hand life has dealt, and living life like it's my last day on earth.  People are amazed at my age and me continuing my education, but I hold to the hypothesis "You're only as old as you feel".  Society has so many unwritten rules, but do we really have to follow them?  12 years of school to 4 more years of college to a life in a cookie cutter house with 2.4 children.  Women are pressured into finding the best mate, having children and being the center of the home.  I live life to make enough money so I can travel.  I’m in school to make more money so I can extend my travels and time off.  Making more can mean working less and traveling more...  Everyone has to find the good life for them.  My life is only for me.  If a husband finds me on my endeavors, so be it, but if I'm having too much fun, then I will have no problems saying I lived the good life.  Some people have the idea that the cookie cutter life is for them.  It’s not wrong, but this life would be so boring if everyone did everything the same everyday.  Jumping out of a plane is not my cup of tea, but swimming with the whales would bring me so much joy.  Oprah's money comes with Oprah sized headaches.  I'm just fine with no headaches other than a few tests and a little poop to clean up. The life of the traveling nurse is not for everyone, but it’s just perfect for me.

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