Up@dawn 2.0

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

     Alek, Keli, and I will are reporting on Frankenstein and Philosophy. Frankenstein opens a wide range of topics to talk and think about. Does society assume ugly is evil? How is science fiction so relateable to reality? Can man ever take the role of God? We will answer every single one of those questions.
     Society naturally fails to accept what is out of the norm. Ugly is evil. Anything different is untouchable. But from where do we form our guidelines for beauty? How can we be so quick to assume evil based on an outer appearance that means absolutely nothing? The creature’s actions were a mere reflection of society’s ignorance toward his outer appearance. This innocent creature turns from one full of love to a monster full of hate; he was rejected for no reason other than looking “ugly”. He was created that way, and had no control over how he was formed. He was a naturally nonviolent creature that became violent as a result of society’s ignorance. We will give examples of how society turned this harmless creature into a monster.
     Science fiction is grounded in valid scientific research, predicts what might be possible in the future, and offers view on a specific technological inventions or scientific thinking. One of those views is about how Frankenstein was not created naturally, and how he couldn’t be human in the human eye.
     The creation of a creature without a natural birth played another huge role in Frankenstein. Taking body parts from different corpses and making into one then making it come to life was frowned upon apparently. Do to the Frankenstein's Monster unnatural exists on this Earth, which at the time, had a strong hold with religion and god at the time, caused a disturbance within society. A disturbance for a man made creature that was deamed unholy and damned.


  1. Looking forward to your report... and thinking of Mel Brooks' "Franken-steen"!