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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Confucius-sierra, rushdi, yada

Sierra Cox

Yada Ahmed

Rushdi Al-Hasan


#11 4:10-5:35

Our group has chosen to do our report on the eastern philosopher known as Confucius. We have broken down his life into three major topics: Ethics, Education, and his life

  • Confucius and his ethics: Confucius had a large impact on the Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese culture. His ethical writings within the analects contain work that was original to him and represented a radical departure from the ideas and practice of his day. Confucius focused on creating ethical models of family and public interactions, and setting educational standards. Some of his teachings are still used today and have had a great impact on Chinese culture and family life.

  • Confucius and his education: Confucius was the founder of Confucianism. Confucius focused on teaching ethics and self-discipline. He also focused on everyday concerns. One of his goals was to create gentlemen who carry themselves with grace, speak correctly and show integrity. He valued moral education and believed that the real understanding of something comes from long and careful studying. He believed that a good teacher is someone familiar with the ways of the past and the practices of the ancients. He believed that a leader needed to exercise good discipline in order to lead and remain humble. And he was against the idea that some men were born superior to others.

  • Confucius lived for 72 years. He was born in 551 B.C. and passed away 479 B.C.. He lost his father at a very young age and had to live without him from the age of 3.Twenty years later, his mother also passed away, leaving him in great grief. Confucius spent the majority of his life teaching his principles of life. His success only took place much after his death, preventing him from witnessing his accomplishment of being one of the most influencing philosopher of his times.

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