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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Section 8 Group 3

FQ: When Hegel began his working life, what was his occupation?LH 127
FQ: T/F According to Hegel, reality is constantly moving towards its goal of understanding itself. LH  128

FQ: What was Schopenhauers most important book called? LH 133
FQ: What art form did Schopenhauer believe was the most important way to glimpse reality as truly is? LH 135


  1. FQ: What two actions did Mill believe could spur social change and bring about a better world? LH 136
    FQ: What was John Mill studying by the age of three? LH 139

    FQ: Mill thought humans were a lot like what object? LH 139
    FQ: What was one of Darwin's most valuable voyages? LH 147

  2. FQ: What is Kierkegaard's most famous work? LH 153
    FQ: What was one of Kierkegaards's psuedonyms? LH 155

    FQ: T/F Marx's ideas were influenced by Hegel? LH 161
    FQ: What illness did Marx contract in 1883? LH 162