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Friday, April 17, 2015

Jalen Boyd Final Blog Post #1 Section 12

This I Believe: Being Judgmental

I like to believe we live in a world where we are all one in the same. We do not act a certain way in the presence of peers nor do we think twice about changing ourselves for the sake of thinking someone is going to say something about the way we are. But alas, we do not. There are judgmental people everywhere we look. Is it judgmental for me to make such a statement? I believe not. It is really very factual if you ask me. Not a day goes by that someone is not being judged. If it is not for their skin color, then it is their sexuality. If it is not that then it is something as silly as the clothes on their back. What if that is the only clothes they could afford? Who are we to pass such judgement on individuals we know nothing about? We must change this evil perspective we have grown accustomed to. We must no longer accept the judgement placed upon us and our fellow human beings. We must start to accept ourselves, love ourselves, and know ourselves. We must train ourselves not to automatically think negatively about something we do not prefer. Whether it be a classmate’s outfit, a neighbor’s lawn mowing job, or a friend’s haircut. We must live like there is no tomorrow and enjoy ourselves in this limited life we were given. Taking advantage of opportunities where judgement would be normally placed and replacing it with positive choices could lead to unexpected outcomes. Who knows, the person you believe has mismatched clothes may very well be your future best friend, roommate, or even lover. I believe in letting things roll of my tongue like water off a duck’s back so when I see something I like in a person, the judgement I place on them is positive and uplifting. My hope is that it encourages them with their day because they could just as easily been having a bad day before my compliments. That is the kind of judgement I believe we should pass. This I believe.

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  1. It's insecurity, isn't it, that makes us so judgmental? And kind of a vicious cycle: if we were less judgmental we'd feel less insecure but instead...