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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Breanna Martin-Post 1. Section 008

This I Believe: PerfectionCourage the cowardly dog edition.

In the modern world, almost everyone grows up thinking that they have to meet some sort of standard, everybody wants to be “perfect”.  We try to impress others and make ourselves something we are not, why is this? Is it because we are trying to prove a point? I think we all try to be “perfect” to show others that we are superior. This brings me to an episode of Courage the cowardly dog, named “Perfect” coincidentally.
            Courage is a little pink dog, that lives in literally the middle of nowhere, with his rescuer Muriel, and her husband Eustace Bagg (grr).The episodes begin with a conflict with Eustace and Muriel (usually they get in to some sort of trouble), and then proceeds with courage panicking while trying to find a solution, and then calmly ends with Courage and Muriel safe and sound (and sometimes Eustace.) In this episode it’s a little different , it starts with courage and Muriel in the kitchen , while Muriel is making “food", when suddenly a teacher-like woman, named The Perfectionist appears. This woman approaches courage, and bluntly tells him, that he is a disgrace, and imperfect. (For whatever reason). She then tries to teach him to be the “perfect” dog. He goes through many trials, such as trying to walk, talk and finally sleep perfectly. Yes. sleep. Which he all fails, miserably. He is then scolded by the lady, which makes courage, very, very discouraged. Even when he does sleep, he has nightmares oh how IMPERFECT he is. The next morning a random fish is in his bathroom as he is brushing his teeth and tells him this.

This makes courage confident. The next time he meets with the perfectionist , she puts him through one last test, and states if he fails, he will always be imperfect. Courage fails. But he fails on purpose, showing he is proud of who he is. This is just too much for the perfectionist and she finally just disappears.  This goes to say that, it isn't worth all the stress and trouble to be “perfect”, and be unhappy.  When you could just be totally happy with who you are, with being yourself. 


  1. I love Courage the Cowardly Dog! I think it's awesome the this childhood favorite inspired you to write on the topic of perfection. And in my opinion, despite what the Perfectionist lady may say, Courage is the most perfect and awkwardly pink dog ever.

  2. Platonic perfectionism has created a lot of unhappiness in the world, I think. We can strive for our personal and collective best without comparing ourselves to an impossible ideal.