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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Aaron Smith Section 12

I have decided to write a “This I Believe” essay. My essay is on how to make the perfect sweet tea, because out of all the simple pleasures in life sweet tea is one of the best.
Life can be tough, and at times overwhelming. There are times when you might have so much on your plate that you don’t know how you could possibly make it through the day. When you are down, and there seems to be no way to get back up, there is one simple solution I always like to remember: a cold glass of sweet tea can get you through almost anything.
Growing up, it was a sin not to have a jug of sweet tea in my house at all times. The tea we made was a recipe that had been passed down since before my time, and that I learned from my grandmother. It was the perfect beverage to cool you down after a long day at school, during a hot summer day, or just when you need a little cheering up.
How to make the perfect sweet tea was not the only thing my grandmother taught me. She lives and breathes by the word of God, and she lives it every day of her life. She has taught me since I was a child to love the way God does, and that if I am ever in distress I can turn to him for answers.

She also taught me how to enjoy life. She has a remarkable ability to remain joyful through anything. Even in times of sadness, mourning, and heartbreak, she still has joy in her heart, and she transmits that joy to everyone she knows. She has always conveyed that joy to me through pecan pie, chocolate cake, and of course sweet tea. That is the first ingredient in the perfect sweet tea: joy.

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  1. Interesting premise. But sweet tea is generally associated with the south, as a regional enthusiasm. Same for the specific variety of religion so prevalent here. So... what do you believe about other cultures? Don't they have their own versions of "sweet tea" and religion? Is grandma ok with that? Are you?