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Saturday, April 11, 2015

008-001 FQ's and DQ's


1) Which philosopher's childhood was an "educational experiment"? (LH 138)

2) If a pig could _______ it would prefer ________ to rolling in the mud.(LH 140)

3) Human beings are a bit like _________. (LH 140)

4) Which of Mill's books, published in 1859, is still widely read today? (LH 141)

5) Mill felt that ________ towards adults in a civilized society was unacceptable. (LH 141)

6) Mill hated the way that social pressures worked to prevent many people from doing what they wanted to do or become and called it _________. (LH 141)

7) (T/F)  Mill believed in utilitarianism. (LH 142)

8) Which of Mill's contemporaries argued that most people should be forced down a narrow channel and not given too many choices about how they live? (LH 143)

9) (T/F) Mill was a feminist. (LH 143-144)

10) Who asked the question "Are you related to monkeys on your grandmother's or grandfather's side?" in a famous debate with Thomas Henry Huxley in 1860? (LH 145)

11) Whose views was Huxley defending in the debate of 1860? (LH 145)

12) (T/F) Darwin was not a philosopher. (LH 146)

13) Which place provided some of the best evidence of evolution in action? (LH 148)

14) What theory did Darwin add to the idea of evolution? (LH 149)

15) What was the name of the other naturalist who had a similar theory of evolution? (LH 150)

16) T/F The theory of evolution by natural selection is much more than 'just a hypothesis'. (LH 151)

17) What did Darwin mean when he wrote "A dog might as well speculate on the mind of Newton." ? (LH 151)

18) What single truth is the point of the book "On Liberty"? (PB 157)

19) The belief that we do things because others are doing them is called _________. (PB 158)

20) (T/F) Mill advocated for dissent. (PB 159)

21) What does Mill believe constitutes a "good life"? (PB 163)


1) Is it better to be a happy pig or a sad human?

2) Does equality between the sexes truly make our relationships happier? What about people who prefer unequal or dominating relationships and are happier within these confines?

3) In our society, the government does, like a father, tell us what is wrong or right and what we should or should not do. Do you agree with Mill that this is fine for children but unacceptable for adults?

4) Do you believe in the theory of evolution by natural selection or cling to the story of Genesis in the bible? Why?

5) Do you believe that a theory backed up by evidence is better or more credible than a theory with little to no credibility at all? Why?

6) What do you believe constitutes a "good life"? Why?


  1. An interesting read on the "scientific" argument against evolution by Dr. Henry Morris.

  2. An argument against intelligent design with some interesting points.

  3. An article on gender equalityand why it stalled.

  4. A very interesting read on the dominance dilemma and whether women prefer dominant mates.