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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What would a higher power (God) feel concerning Pascal's coin flip theory

I believe that religion is a relationship between creator and the creation, that being said, I wonder what a higher-power would truly think of Pascal's selfish theory of probability when it comes to where one will spend eternity.

Pascal's theory is a theory that holds no sense of emotion, being positive or negative. It is a theory that is taking something that is a highly emotional and spiritual topic for many people and turning it into a mockery in a sense that if you win that's great but if you lose , oh well , you didn't waste any time.

I believe that any higher being would be repulsed by this coin toss to salvation, and it honestly brings a picture to my head of Pascal.

I see Pascal as the Batman villain "Two- Face", with one side of his face, still handsome and unscathed, as heaven, and the other grotesque side as hell and damnation .


  1. This suggests a project: pair the philosophers with their Superhero doppelgangers. Could be a fun final report, for someone.

  2. Thanks for giving me that idea!!