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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Section 13 Group 2 discussion

Today, we graded our exams and discussed the idea of whether or not we would rather be a 'happy pig' or an 'unhappy human'. Some of us decided that we would rather not be oblivious and that the hardships in life only make for even happier experiences. Our group was kind of split up into two discussion today, so I'm not sure what the other half of the group discussed.


  1. Anonymous10:32 AM CST

    Savanna Hill

    FQ: Under what name did Kierkegaard write 'Fear and Trembling'?

    DQ: Kierkegaard believed that one's duty to obey God trumped the duty to be a good father, and any other duty. Do you agree with Kierkegaard?

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx3bousTd4A

  2. FQ: What name (or translation of the name) is on "Fear and Trembling"?

    DQ: What are your thoughts on Marx's communism?


  3. FQ: What is Abraham's nickname?

    DQ: As caught up as humans are with themselves in this technological day and age, is it possible there is still a strong sense of class system problem as Marx claimed?

    Link on Kierkegaard:

  4. T/F Kierkegaard believed that the duty to be a good father trumps the duty to obey God.
    Do you believe with Marx that there is a main class system in the world between the Bourgeoisie and the proletariat?
    LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vz3eOb6Yl1s

  5. FQ: Who wrote the book Fear and Trembling? (LH pg 152)

    DQ: Do you feel like at times you have only two choices, a life of aesthetics or a life of ethics?

    DQ: Do you believe that the capitalist system is fair, are richer people entitled to their money even if they inherited most of it? Do you believe in a more balanced society in terms of money, where no one is too rich and no one is too poor?


  6. FQ: And/Or is the title of Kierkegaard's most famous work. T/F
    DQ: Do you think communism is a good idea only on paper?
    LINK: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/marx-was-right-five-surprising-ways-karl-marx-predicted-2014-20140130

  7. I just wanted too comment on our discussion. I honestly feel like I would rather be an unhappy human, because I think it is extremely important to strive for truth. However, a happy and oblivious pig would never know what is was missing out on. So I'm not sure how important it really is. It kind of reminds me of the argument that you shouldn't be afraid of death, because if you're alive you're not dead, and if you're dead you wouldn't know the difference.

  8. FQ: What was the name of the book written by A.J. Ayer in 1936?

    DQ: Do we believe that humans do not have a purpose and that life is meaningless?

    Link on Sartre: