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Thursday, November 13, 2014

section 10. group 3.

We took the test! So just comment here for your Dq, fq, and link


  1. Anonymous12:31 PM CST

    FQ: Schopenhauer believed harming people was a kind of _______.

    DQ: Do you agree with how Schopenhauer viewed music as an escape "from the cycle of striving and desire?"

    Discussion and Link: Last night, I went to the Straight No Chaser concert at the Ryman. If you've never seen them, get to Google'ing. Straight No Chaser is 10 guys, who formed an acapella group in college back in the 90's. One of their old songs went viral on YouTube ten years later, and the band got back together to have careers more fulfilling than their post college ones.

    Back to philosophy. Having the experience of a music show fresh in my mind, I can absolutely agree that music helps put your mind into a different place. But you have to be into it. It can't just be background noise while you do schoolwork, or motivational music for a workout. You have to do your best to shut off all your other senses and just let the music absorb you. I prefer to sit back, close my eyes and spend however long I blocked off enjoying the work and talent of peoples music.

    So for my links, I present Straight No Chaser's video that went viral, and my own personal music I like to let carry me to a "different place," Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Enjoy.

    Straight No Chaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Fe11OlMiz8
    Trans-Siberian Orchestra: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_Qc5YYp4Cg


  2. Fq. Panternalism from the Latin word meaning _______, is forcing someone to what?

    Dq. Do you think Panternalism is fine if it is directed at children? When or when isn't it okay?


  3. Anonymous12:52 PM CST

    Teddy Frreeman
    FQ: Schopenhauer said reality exists as both _____ and _____.
    Answer: Will, Representation

    DQ: How prevalent do you think Mill's "the tyranny of the majority" is in today's world?

    Link: http://www.friesian.com/arthur.htm

  4. FQ:
    What did Kant call the construction of reality in our minds?

    Life sucks. How do you deal with it?


  5. Anonymous11:04 AM CST

    Dustin Chitwood
    (T/F) Since Marx was an egalitarian, he believed human beings should not be treated equally.
    Do you believe that Marx's ideas have really changed the lives of millions, and have his ideas changed your life?
    This link is to a picture of a quote of his that i agreed with and was quite interesting.