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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Section 10, Group 2 Kant Touch This

Okay, I honestly can't remember if I was supposed to be the author or if Abbie was supposed to, so I figured may as well add something just in case. In class Tuesday all we did was talk about which discussion questions we were going to use as extra credit, and then we took the test. We did not have time for any discussion.



  1. Factual questions:
    1) Minerva was the Roman goddess of what?
    2) What was the name of Schopenhauer's most important book?
    3) Which philosopher had a great influence on John Stuart Mill's own philosophy and ways of thinking?

    Discussion questions:
    1) Do all humans only ever crave more, as Schopenhauer believed? Or are there some people who are truly satisfied in their lives?
    2) What are some things that help you escape from the stress of the everyday world?
    3) How do you feel about Mill's idea of the Harm Principle?

    All about John Stuart Mill:

  2. Hayley Mengaziol
    Section 10 group 2
    FQ: what is the thought that reality could have more than one part called?

    DQ: do you think it was morally wrong for John Stuart Mill's father to give him such a strict upbringing?

    Link: I feel like quotes are a good way to get an idea of someone's philosophy.