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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Section 10: Group 1

I don't think my group particularly picked an author, so I'm just gonna make this our author post.
Basically, we took the test and decided on DQs for the board to represent our group. It was a pretty chill class in all, but I'm looking forward to discussing again!

Also, anyone who needs a space to post your questions from any section, feel free to use this post!


  1. FQs:
    Under whose philosophy was Mill's family strongly influenced by growing up?

    What -ism is defined as forcing someone to do something for his/her own good?

    Probably the most obvious choice, but what are your views on evolution? Do you think that, by believing in evolution, you are in some way being sacrilegious?


  2. FQ: Hegel's philosophy was easy to comprehend.
    A: False
    DQ: It was argued that Hegel was profound or he wasn't saying anything at all. Why such polarized views?
    Link: http://www.hegel.net/en/spirit.htm

  3. Fq- What was Keirkegaard's most famous book?
    Dq- The world the Marx and Engels promised in their book Communist Manifesto seems a little too good to be true, do you think a world like that could ever work?