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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ideas to improve discussions?

To judge by the skimpiness of some recent author summaries, it seems some of our group discussions have been less than scintillating. I know we're about to begin solo reports, but today at least we have an opportunity to improve our discussion model. I have some suggestions, how about you? 
  1. Moderators, always pose the initial discussion question clearly and prompt everyone in your group to address it one at a time. If discussion goes off-topic, remember, it's your job to bring it back on-point. Or, suggest a new DQ. If your group gets too loud, it's your job to lower the volume.
  2. Authors, take notes during discussion. Include some of them in your posted summaries. Better in-class discussions tend to result from good online conversations.
  3. Everyone, post more online comments about class discussions.
  4. Pick a floater. If no one wants to float, let's take a few minutes before group discussion for general class discussion so that we're not always hearing the same old voices.
  5. Your ideas for better group discussions? Post them here, there might be bonus runs in it for you.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe if the attendance for the remainder of the semester could get you exemption on the finals we could get more people in the classroom thus having better discussions and more learning.