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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Group 2 Section 10 Exam #2 Questions

1. For Locke, questions of personal identity were closely related with _______ _______.
       - Moral Responsibility

2. According to George Berkeley, anything that stops being _______ ceases to _______.
       - Noticed; Exist

3. (T/F) Spinoza's god cared about each and every human being.
       - False

4. Which math subject did Spinoza base his philosophy on?
       - Geometry

5. What group argues that the simple view of science is misguided?
       - Falsificationists

6. (T/F) Descartes was more certain of his mind than his body.
        - True

7. _______ by _______ means accepting as true the views of various important 'authorities'.
         - Truth; Authority

8. Who said "There is more to seeing than meets the eyeball?"
         - Russell Hanson

9. What approach to philosophy emphasizes reason rather than experiment/observation?
         - Rationalism

10. (T/F) Berkeley believed we perceive the world indirectly, where Locke thought we perceive it directly.
         - False

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