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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Group 1 Section 10 Practice Questions

1. Voltaire's book, Candide, directly opposed the ideas of which philosophical peer?

A: Leibniz

2. Hume's book, ____________________, challenged many philosophical beliefs and included a chapter attacking the Design Argument.

A: Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

3. Which mathematical discipline did Spinoza model his writings after?

A: Geometry

4. Which philosopher argued that it is better to wager that God exists rather than not believe?

A: Pascal

5. Berkely was the originator of what metaphysical philosophy?

A: Subjective Realism

6. Descarte's theory of dualism posited that the ____________ and the ___________ are seperate.

A: mind, body

7. Which philosopher was a major influence on the writers of the Declaration of Independence with his liberal theory?

A: Locke

8. The beliefs of Hobbes and Rousseau are diametrically opposite concerning humanity's __________?

A: State of nature

9. Spinoza was excommunicated by the Jewish Church for what religious idea?

A: Pantheism

10. Which moral philosophical belief judges the morality of actions on its adherence to rules?

A: Deontology

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