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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


And, study guide questions?


  1. Kameshia Jones9:10 PM CST

    couldn't remember how to create my own post....

    Section 9, Group 2 Study Guide Questions:
    1. What question did John Locke pose?
    2. Was John Locke for or against religious tolerance?
    3. According to Alexander Pope, our mistake of the way we look at the universe is what _____.
    4. Voltaire was deeply suspicious of what type of thinkers?
    5. What is the argument for the existence of God?
    6. According to Hume, knowledge comes from what two things?
    7. What was the name of Bentham's favorite walking cane?
    8. Bentham's theory about how we should live is known as what principle?

    Kameshia Jones

  2. Anonymous8:37 AM CST

    Savanna Hill

    I'm unable to create my own post, and I forgot to ask to post before I left class, I'm sorry! But you said that we could post our study guide questions in a comment, so I did that under one of Section 13, Group 2's posts last week.

  3. Ahh... I missed that. I'm having a hard time finding it still, would you mind reposting (or getting one of your authors to do so)? Thanks!