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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Section 9 Group 2

Hello everyone! We are the philosobeasts. After getting into our group on Thursday and choosing a name we introduced ourselves and got to know each other for the remaining class time. Some of the things we talked about included our hometowns, majors, and pets. We also tried discussing our favorite philosophers and our personal philosophies but we all agreed that we still have much to learn. 

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  1. Kameshia Jones (9)10:36 AM CDT

    Prior to group discussion, professor asked who was our favorite philosopher. Unfortunately, I didn't have a long list of names to pull from. However, after further research I found a very interesting philosopher with profound thoughts and ideas.Thomas Aquinas based everything he believed in firmly in Christianity.

    1. Why do you think Thomas derived all of his ethics from the bible?

    2.How many arguments did Thomas give for the existence of God?

    His 3-Minute philosophy: