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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Section 9 Group 1

Our group discussion included the topic of "challenging the truth," "knowing one's ideal thinking path." We drew several conclusions on the matters, including what we thought about defining "the truth" concretely. Also, we discussed our different interpretations of "knowing one's thinking path."


  1. Anonymous12:25 PM CDT

    Jessie Barber (Section 9 Group 2)
    Hi, hopefully i'm posting this in the right place! Still very confused on how all this works!! But Tuesday in class my group discussed many of the Discussion Questions that were on the board about "This I believe" we all had a pretty conscience opinion on each topic. Today I did the readings on Socrates and Plato, while also doing my own research and became fairly interested in some of the topics Plato studied. What interested me the most was his views about romance. (so cheesy I know) Another really interesting topic was his views on immortality. I've provided a link below that is a part of his Immortality theory.

    FQ: What was Plato's views on romance, love, and finding your true "soulmate"?

    DQ: Do we really understand love in its raw form? Do we really believe our "other half" is out there wait for us somewhere?


  2. Anonymous6:04 PM CDT

    Nicholas (or Chuck) Moore here:

    FQs: From the writings of what other philosopher does most of our information about Socrates come from?
    What is the name of Plato's writing about Eros, or erotic love?

    DQs: Is Socrates correct in thinking that writing anything down is pointless, or is there something to be gained by writing things down?
    Is Eros, or erotic love, confined entirely to the body as the name suggests, or is it a much deeper feeling as Plato suggested?

    Here is a much more in-depth explanation of the Socratic method for anyone interested. http://www.socraticmethod.net/

  3. FQ
    1) What kind of philosopher Socrates was (social or solitary)?
    2) Finish this well known quote from Socrates "The unexamined life is …"

    1) What's your definition of love? Are you looking for your perfect match? What makes for a good marriage or relationship?

    Also i found this interesting article online (Title of the article Why did Socrates Deny that he was a Teacher? Locating Socrates among the new educators and the traditional education in Plato's Apology of Socrates)

  4. Katie Knell

    1. (T/F) All of Plato's writings about Socrates were really things Socrates said.
    2. What was Socrates's punishment for being found guilty at his trial?

    1. Can a person be truly good or truly bad?
    2. Do you think you can have more than one erotic love in one lifetime?

    I thought this was a funny comic of Socrates and Plato.


  5. Anonymous3:35 AM CDT

    Kevon Stuart

    1. What was the job of a Sophist in Athens?
    2. When was the Symposium by Plato written?

    1. What is erotic love and does it have several definitions that vary?
    2. Can morality and immorality be used interchangeably?

    May not fit with philosophy but Charlie Chaplin makes you think in this speech from The Great Dictator, also music fits so well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FMNFvKEy4c

  6. Adaysha McGill

    FQ: (T/F) Plato believed everyone could understand or philosophize what the world was truly like?

    DQ: Do you find yourself using the Socratic Method in your life?

  7. Anonymous10:08 AM CDT

    Yoan Konkobo

    1. Was Socrates the first philosopher?
    2. Wha did Plato say you have to do to achieve Truth, reality, and the good?

    1. Plato rejected the notion put in place by Aristophanes, saying that we all have one unique other "half," formerly parts of our hermaphroditic spherical selves, that would complete us and make us happy. What do you think about this notion?