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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Section 14 Group 1

Today our group/class discussed about peripatetics.And we discussed the beliefs of our group members.


  1. Hey guys and girls! We're supposed to post FQ's and DQ's for tomorrow's class on this post, so....here we grow.
    FQ: Did Socrates philosophize in solitary? Or was he social?
    DQ: According to Aristophanes, Hephaestus is about to weld the lovers back together. What happens next?

  2. Josiah Estabrooks, Sect. 14 Group 1

    FQ: How and why did Socrates die?

    DQ: Do you think that posing difficult questions or always seeking answers is a waste of time, when we might never truly know the answers?

  3. Cody Marsh, Section 14 - Group 1

    FQ: What was the name of Plato's most famous work, in which he described is perfect imaginary society?

    DQ: How important is it to question what we hear or learn from others?

  4. Jonathan Craig - Section 14 Group 1

    FQ: What was the name of the Dialogue written by Plato in which important figures discuss their views on erotic love?

    DQ: Do you think the Socratic method could be used in today's world effectively?