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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Section 14 Group 2 "Factual Qestions, and Ice Cream Shops"

     1.)  According to Aristophane, How many sexes did the world start with?

     2.) Who taught Socrates about Eros?

     1.) Let's just say that Aristophane's story about love is true. Is love worth finding at this point?

     2.) Consider for a moment that you lead an unexamined life. is there still worth in your life and why?

This whole video is in really cheesy French, but non the less it allow us to see what Aristophane has to say about what love actually is and put images to the creatures he describes.


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  1. FQ's
    1.) Plato believed that philosophers should play what role in society?
    2.) What role did Socrates believe they should play?

    1.)What issues could arise from Plato's viewpoint?
    2.)What issues could arise from Socrates's viewpoint?