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Monday, September 8, 2014

Section 13 Group 3 (Subgroup)

Today in class, we took a quiz over the previous reading assignments pertaining to Aristotle and God. Then we had split up into two groups. In our subgroup, we were peripatetics today and took a stroll to the library to discuss the ideas of afterlife in relation to bible views and religion. A question that came up was "Is the idea of an afterlife just an explanation to create peace and mind?"


  1. Jim Bratton3:53 PM CDT

    FQs and DQs for next class:
    "God-Part 2"

    1. What is a miracle?
    2. (T/F) Miracles have been claimed by all the major religions

    1. Do you think that miracles exist?
    2. Do you think that the fear of death is irrational?

  2. I'm commenting here because the author for G-Squad (Group 1 of Sec. 13) has yet to post anything.

    FQ: T/F Pyrrho didn't write anything down, like Aristotle. (LH pg 16)

    DQ: Could Scepticism be practical in a modern world? (LH)
    Do you agree with Epicurus' view on death? (LH)


  3. I also couldn't find a post by our group G-squad (Group 1- sec. 13), so I will post here also.

    FQ: T/F Epicurus argued that the fear of death was a logical and reasonable fear. (LH)

    DQ: What is you view on the 'Religions cancel out' argument? Do you agree or disagree and why? ( P)


  4. "God pt 2"
    FQ: T/F did philosopher David Hume believe miracles were enough to evidence to prove the existence of god (P 27)

    FQ: According to Epicurus, fear of death is __________ (P 35)

    DQ: Philosopher Bernard Williams argued that immortality would be both tedious and meaningless and that death and its finality gives our lives much of the meaning they have. If you could choose between mortality and immortality, which would you choose, and why? (P 35)

    "Pyrrho, Epicurus"

    FQ: According to Pyrrho, we cant completely trust the ______ (LH 16)

    DQ: Epicurus argues that fear of death was a waste of time based on bad logic, and that it was state of mind to overcome. Does death fear you and do you think that fear of death can be overcome as Epicurus suggests? (LH 23)

  5. "God-Part 2"
    1)T/F Non-realists argue that it is a mistake to think of God as something existing independently of human beings.
    2) What is the main criticism of non-realism pertaining to God?

    1)Do you think religious faith can make people oblivious to the evidence against their views?
    2)Do you believe that embracing death can make for a fuller life?

    "Pyrrho and Epicurus"
    1) What was the most famous and probably the most extreme sceptic of all time?
    2)What did Epicurus believe about philosophy?

    1)Do you think that the fear of dying can get in the way of living your life?
    2)Do you believe that a simple lifestyle is the key to living a happy life?

  6. Peyton Sorgenfrei2:50 PM CDT

    I couldn't get my comment to post before today's class because my phone sucks and I am just now able to get to an actual computer. (promise!) So here's my supposed to be comment for today's class.
    Define a miracle.
    The Gambler's Argument is derived from what philosopher's writings?
    With so many different religions, how does one decipher what is the 'right' way to live?
    Do you think your beliefs are based on the possible 'prize' of the afterlife?

  7. Jim Bratton8:59 AM CDT

    FQs and DQs for September 29

    1. What was the name of Machiavelli's book, published in 1532?
    2. Which leader did Machiavelli look up to?
    1. Do you think that it is better to tell lies as opposed to the truth in some situations?
    2. Do you believe Machiavelli was an "evil" man?

    "Politics Part 2"
    1. What is coercion?
    2. (T/F) Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. were both passionate advocates of civil obedience
    1. What do you think can justify taking freedom away as a form of punishment?

    Also, I think that our group discussion on Wednesday went very well. We were able to finalize our plan for the upcoming midterm group presentation.