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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Section 10, Group 1 (The Philosophers?); FQ and DQ

FQ: Aristotle agreed with Plato's Theory of Forms? (T/F)
     A. F

DQ: Does Aristotle's suggestion of seeking happiness satisfy your belief of how humans should achieve fulfillment in their lives?

I love podcasts and will more than likely post a podcast episode as a link for nearly every post. One that came to my mind today is this Radiolab episode titled "Things" which discusses what some ordinary things mean to us sentimentally or if they are just materialistic objects. What brought me to thinking of this episode was reading about Plato's vs. Aristotle's view on what should represent the definition of objects in our thoughts.


  1. I heard that episode. Radiolab is way cool! (And did you know that Jad Abumrad is a Nashvillian?)

    1. I would never had guessed he was from Nashville. I had imagined Brooklyn Jewish origin from his accent.

      Yeah they really do some great things on that show. I especially enjoy Robert's uniquely optimistic perspective of the world contrasted with Jad's more pragmatic thoughts. If you have any favorite episodes in particular I would love some suggestions.